Work Area: Whistleblowing

ENRC consultant reported Dechert lawyer to SFO in “revenge”

A security consultant for mining company ENRC has admitted in London court to sending a whistleblower report to the SFO in 2012 alleging that a Dechert partner representing the company committed serious professional misconduct.

16 June 2021

Former FinCEN official sentenced to prison over leaked SARs

04 June 2021

US Senate passes bill to protect CFTC whistleblower fund

02 June 2021

Whistleblower tips continue to increase, says SEC enforcement director

“I haven’t seen it stop yet,” said the acting SEC enforcement director of the soaring increase in reports whistleblowers are bringing to the regulator.

26 May 2021

Ex-SEC whistleblower chief: focus on the allegations not the whistleblower

Jane Norberg, who led the SEC’s office of the whistleblower from 2016 to 2021, spoke to GIR shortly before joining Arnold & Porter.

24 May 2021

UK investigations lawyers see uptick in ESG-related work

“I see it as a real moment of change,” said one London white-collar lawyer.

20 May 2021

Croatian Supreme Court upholds Jonathan Taylor’s extradition to Monaco

The former SBM Offshore lawyer intends to ask Croatia’s justice minister to block the decision in an extradition battle that has been running for almost a year.

18 May 2021

Ex-Zurich IT specialist sues SFO

An ex-IT specialist at Swiss insurance company Zurich has sued the UK Serious Fraud Office for refusing to investigate allegations of fraud at his former employer.

17 May 2021

CFTC whistleblower programme could run dry over payment to ex-Deutsche Bank executive

11 May 2021

Ireland mulls whistleblower reforms

11 May 2021

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