Work Area: Whistleblowing

JPMorgan accused of retaliating against senior compliance exec

A former compliance official said she was fired by JPMorgan Chase after raising concerns about the US bank’s anti-bribery efforts.

12 November 2021

US auto safety regulator hands out $24 million award to whistleblower

10 November 2021

SEC appoints new head of whistleblower office

08 November 2021

CFTC hands out $200 million award to whistleblower

22 October 2021

Swiss ministry urges tighter checks on gold bullion from UAE

18 October 2021

Airbus subsidiary pays $1 million to resolve allegations of overbilling in US federal contracts

05 October 2021

NCA whistleblower tips fail to assist investigations

29 September 2021

Ex-SEC whistleblower chief: “many tips are lost at middle management level”

The former chief of the SEC’s whistleblower office has said it is crucial that companies train middle management on how to recognise a whistleblower tip and deal with it effectively.

27 September 2021

SEC surpasses $1 billion in awards to whistleblowers

16 September 2021

Lawyers question SEC decision to revisit whistleblower rules

Gary Gensler, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, is evaluating whether two rules that were amended last year should be revised following criticism that they could discourage whistleblowers from coming forward.

04 August 2021

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