Work Area: Whistleblowing

Whistleblower says NSO offered “bags of cash” to US mobile security company

02 February 2022

Rio Tinto says “systemic” bullying and sexism rife at the company

Employees said they didn’t feel comfortable reporting matters internally. “This is not the kind of company we want to be,” said Rio Tinto’s CEO.

01 February 2022

Foxconn whistleblower asks Amazon to support his appeal

31 January 2022

GIR Live: increase in “vague” whistleblower reports during pandemic

A Hong Kong-based in-house lawyer at US bank BNY Mellon has said that a significant amount of the whistleblower reports his team have received recently lack detail.

20 December 2021

Brazil introduces new whistleblower protection law

10 December 2021

SEC investigating Tesla over alleged failure to disclose solar panel defects

06 December 2021

FCA reports latest whistleblowing figures

26 November 2021

Stuttgart prosecutors examine Deutsche Bahn corruption claims

26 November 2021

Bahrain compliance official: more whistleblower advocacy is needed

A senior compliance official at Bahrain’s central bank has said that regulators across the globe have “collectively failed” to encourage whistleblowers.

24 November 2021

BNY Mellon settles whistleblower case

15 November 2021

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