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UAE broadens whistleblower protections

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Dubai’s financial services regulator has introduced new rules to encourage individuals to blow the whistle about corporate misconduct.

11 April 2022

DC appeals court defers to SEC on whistleblower award

The appeals court said the SEC was right to deny an award for two anonymous whistleblowers who sought payment over Novartis’ foreign bribery settlement.

29 March 2022

OECD urges Greece to improve foreign bribery detection and prosecution

The OECD is “gravely concerned” by the continued lack of investigations into and prosecutions of foreign bribery in Greece.

22 March 2022

NGO asks French prosecutors to investigate SBM Offshore for corruption

22 March 2022

Why is whistleblowing legislation so ineffective (and what can we do about it)?

Whistleblowing laws fall down because they don’t incentivise good corporate culture within organisations and put risk and cost on the employee, rather than the employer, say William Fotherby and Emma Barnes at MC in Auckland.

21 March 2022

Credit Suisse leak reveals alleged failures to stamp out high-risk clients

A major data leak from Credit Suisse has exposed the bank as safe haven for clients involved in corruption, bribery, money laundering and other serious crimes, according to an investigation by media outlets across the globe.

21 February 2022

Standard Chartered reports flurry of internal bribery probes

In-house investigators at UK lender Standard Chartered launched on average at least one internal bribery probe per week in 2021.

17 February 2022

Swiss chemicals company investigates accounting claims in whistleblower reports

14 February 2022

SEC wants to roll back power to limit whistleblower payouts

11 February 2022

France proposes greater protections for whistleblowers

French politicians have proposed a new law that would broaden protections for whistleblowers and encourage individuals to report directly to the authorities.

09 February 2022

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