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Defendant in UK criminal sanctions evasions case switches counsel

Proceedings in the case against Dmitry Ovsyannikov, a former deputy trade minister in Russia who has been charged with sanctions evasion and money laundering, will resume in March after a switch in defence counsel.

20 February 2024

DOJ to “zero in” on AI threats to national security

A department-led task force geared towards blocking illegal exports of sensitive US technology will ratchet up enforcement against those who use artificial intelligence to threaten national security, a top official said.

15 February 2024

Sanctions Docket: Santander denies reports of US breaches

In the latest sanctions round-up, Santander has denied a media report that suggested the lender breached US sanctions against Iran, while French prosecutors have charged Lafarge with sanctions evasion and financing terrorist groups.

15 February 2024

Seized Russian superyacht should be sold to shed $600,000 monthly fees, DOJ says

A Russian energy executive contesting the sale of the Amadea said the US has already spent $20 million in maintenance fees since seizing the vessel two years ago.

13 February 2024

PNF raids Huawei offices

09 February 2024

“Creative” UK law enforcement is more active than some may think: Max Hill KC

King & Spalding’s latest hire in London foresees more DPAs and more cases where enforcers use a variety of old and new, civil and criminal legal statutes.

09 February 2024

Top US export official says large corporate settlements coming

The co-head of a task force created to stem the flow of sensitive US technology to Russia and other adversaries told industry leaders to expect “bigger ticket” resolutions over the next year.

08 February 2024

Cyprus plans dedicated sanctions agency by end of 2024

07 February 2024

Binance resolution signals “some optimism” about crypto compliance, lawyers say

After getting hit with a record $4 billion fine for widespread compliance failures, the company has a chance to regain customer trust and avoid further regulatory issues abroad. But it will first need to survive two demanding monitorships.

06 February 2024

US “terrified” of enforcing bans on risky Chinese tech, experts testify

National security experts told a congressional committee that the US government has the legal power to stop Chinese hardware from infiltrating supply networks, but enforcement has stalled over concerns about compliance costs and economic harm.

02 February 2024

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