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New York real estate lawyer pleads guilty to helping Vekselberg maintain US luxury properties

Robert Wise is the fourth associate of the sanctioned Russian oligarch charged by the DOJ since Moscow launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

26 April 2023

British American Tobacco to pay $635 million for North Korean sanctions evasion

The cigarette producer will pay record-breaking criminal and civil penalties for violating North Korean sanctions by concealing its operations in the country through a web of front companies.

26 April 2023

US and UK sanctions collaboration hits new heights – from export controls to Christmas parties

GIR Insight is launching a new Sanctions Roundtable on 25 April. It provides a six-month touchpoint for the most recent developments since the launch of the Guide to Sanctions and sees panellists discuss how some of the biggest authorities are working together more closely than ever.

21 April 2023

Supreme Court allows DOJ’s Halkbank case to continue

The highest court in the US sent the case back to an appeals court to reconsider whether the Turkish state lender is immune from criminal charges.

20 April 2023

Seagate to pay $300 million for Huawei export violations

BIS imposed its largest-ever standalone penalty against Seagate after the company admitted to exporting hard drives to Huawei without the necessary licences.

19 April 2023

Monaco says DOJ needs greater authority to transfer seized Russian assets to Ukraine

The deputy attorney general testified before top US lawmakers on Wednesday regarding the DOJ’s efforts to hold Russia accountable for the war in Ukraine.

19 April 2023

Sanctions docket: Taiwan, Brunei companies convicted over Iran tech sales

In a round-up of the latest sanctions developments, two businesses have pleaded guilty to conspiring to breach US sanctions against Iran, and Canada has purportedly set its sights on the assets of a sanctioned Russian airline.

19 April 2023

“Who’s to say that something is impossible?”: inside an effort to seize Russian state assets in the UK

One of the architects of a proposed law to force the UK government to create a new way of seizing Russian state assets to use for Ukraine’s reconstruction has told GIR that the effort is vital for the survival of her homeland.

13 April 2023

California resident sentenced to four years for violating Iran sanctions

An Iranian resident of California will spend four years in prison for violating sanctions by providing financial services that supported the government of Iran’s attempts to kidnap a dissident journalist.

10 April 2023

Estonian man arrested for exporting dual-use technology to Russia

On the same day it announced the arrest, the DOJ said it had succeeded in getting a judge to order forfeiture of more than $800,000 used in a separate illegal scheme to ship a “jig grinder” to Russia.

05 April 2023

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