Work Area: Sanctions

Estonia identifies 1,500 cases of sanctions evasion

23 March 2023

OFSI sets due diligence bar in latest enforcement guidance

The UK’s civil sanctions enforcement agency has detailed, for the first time, the due diligence steps that companies can take to reduce potential fines for breaching sanctions.

20 March 2023

National Security Division begins hunt for corporate enforcement leader

The Justice Department announced the newly created position as part of a broader surge of resources toward national security enforcement.

20 March 2023

Synesis loses UK sanctions challenge

A London court has dismissed a Belarusian company’s challenge against its UK sanctions designation for allegedly aiding Alexander Lukashenko’s autocratic regime.

15 March 2023

New UK economic crime plan will be published in March: government

14 March 2023

Chinese export control penalties a “warning” to US businesses over Taiwan arms sales

China recently issued export control penalties against Lockheed Martin and Raytheon that could reach billions of dollars. Lawyers don’t expect them to pay a cent, but other companies might not be so lucky.

13 March 2023

Counsel Watch: the lawyers behind the latest sanctions designation challenges

In the latest Counsel Watch, the lawyers advising in the latest UK and European Union sanctions designation cases, and the firms taking the helm for commodity conglomerates Trafigura and Glencore in their latest UK legal battles.

13 March 2023

David Last: cooperation credit awards are subjective

Earning cooperation credit in white-collar crime investigations isn’t a matter of checking a number of boxes, the head of the FCPA unit said.

10 March 2023

DOJ looks to seize sanctioned Russian energy company’s private jet

Brooklyn federal prosecutors have obtained a warrant to seize a plane belonging to a Russian state energy company for alleged breaches of US export controls and sanctions against Russia.

09 March 2023

SDNY official: prior management’s role in misconduct not an aggravating factor

US attorneys won’t consider involvement by past management an aggravating factor in white-collar crimes, a Manhattan prosecutor said, highlighting a departure from Main Justice’s approach.

08 March 2023

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