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Swiss commodities trader, US owner sue UAE over alleged PR campaign

25 January 2024

Dutch sanctions probe sparks cross-Atlantic raids

Law enforcement agencies in Europe and North America have conducted coordinated raids to support a Dutch sanctions evasion investigation into a company suspected of exporting scientific equipment to Russia for use by its military.

24 January 2024

Malaysia threatens legal action against 1MDB-linked banks

24 January 2024

Frankfurt prosecutors search DWS again in greenwashing probe

24 January 2024

France seizes property tied to India bribery probe

24 January 2024

Wife of former Chadian ambassador fights US forfeiture claim

Prosecutors accuse Nouracham Bechir Niam and her husband of taking bribes from a Canadian energy startup in exchange for lucrative oil rights in Chad. The US has designated the couple, who left the country in 2013, as fugitives.

23 January 2024

France introduces new anti-cybercrime agency

Lawyers in France said that the specialised police unit should make reporting and investigating cybercrimes more efficient but added that its success hinges on whether it is sufficiently resourced.

23 January 2024

New Brown Rudnick partner: timeframe for SFO investigations should be capped

In an interview after joining his new firm, Paul Feldberg, a former SFO prosecutor, said that the agency’s lengthy investigations can affect its credibility as a prosecuting body

23 January 2024

When #MeToo Intersects with US Government Enforcement: Sexual Misconduct as Securities Fraud

Featured in Americas Investigations Review 2024

The #MeToo Movement has exposed significant and pervasive sexual misconduct taking place within corporate organisations and government regulators are increasingly using white-collar statutes to prosecute actions against companies they believe have acted inappropriately. White collar defence and government investigations practitioners must be cognisant of the significant risk of investigation and prosecution by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice and international regulators, as well as the risk of shareholder suits that frequently follow government enforcement actions.

23 January 2024

Former Mozambique minister says US violated his privacy by seizing his phone

Lawyers for Manuel Chang, who is accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes to approve loans funding maritime projects, say the FBI lacked probable cause to seize his cell phone and later misled a magistrate judge in seeking a “woefully overbroad” search warrant.

22 January 2024

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