Work Area: Insider trading

Swiss businessmen convicted over corporate espionage

23 June 2021

French regulator slaps Moroccan food company with €10 million fine

30 April 2021

ASIC’s immunity policy threatens to undermine companies’ whistleblower programmes  

Australian companies should be wary of employees circumventing internal reporting structures and going straight to the securities regulator with allegations of market misconduct following the release of a new immunity policy.

17 March 2021

FCA charges former Goldman Sachs analyst and ex-Clifford Chance lawyer with insider trading

16 February 2021

Exercising right to silence “easier” for individuals after ECJ insider trading ruling

Lawyers across the EU have welcomed a European court ruling that clarifies an individual’s right to silence in regulatory market abuse investigations.

10 February 2021

SEC commissioners rail against “unduly broad” use of internal controls provision

Two SEC commissioners say the regulator overstepped by using the accounting provisions of the FCPA to bring an insider trading case.

13 November 2020

Steven Peikin: “We faced incredible headwinds”

The SEC’s former co-director of enforcement recounted working through Supreme Court-imposed restrictions, a hiring freeze and investigations hampered by the coronavirus pandemic.

24 September 2020

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