Work Area: Data security

Lynch demands correspondence with US prosecutors from UK fraud agency

The SFO intends to turn over some of the personal data that UK businessman Michael Lynch has sued to obtain, concerning the agency’s cooperation with a US fraud investigation.

19 February 2024

FCPA Docket: Raytheon uncovers misconduct in bribery probe

US defence contractor Raytheon disclosed that an internal investigation into improper payments linked to contracts in the Middle East has confirmed that misconduct did occur and the US Chamber of Commerce has accused the SEC of improperly expanding the SEC to go after corporate conduct that the foreign bribery law was never intended to police.

07 February 2024

Crypto trading company to pay penalty, surrender licence for compliance failures

15 January 2024

Cybersecurity Breach Response

Featured in The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations - Edition 8

Cybersecurity risks can pose an existential threat to businesses. Understanding the risk that comes with digital transformation and taking a proactive approach is crucial. For lawyers and professionals navigating this space, understanding cyber risk is not just about decoding technical jargon: it requires an in-depth understanding of what that risk means to the business, and what can be done to try to mitigate it.

10 January 2024

Data Protection

Featured in The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations - Edition 8

Handling data about individuals has become increasingly complex, particularly when the data protection regimes in different jurisdictions appear to impose conflicting obligations on data holders. In the United Kingdom and the United States, a balance must be struck between compliance and regulatory obligations that require the processing of data as part of investigations, and the protection afforded to individuals caught up in those investigations.

10 January 2024

Counsel Watch: Shein enlists Quinn Emanuel in trade secrets lawsuit

In the latest counsel watch, a well-known litigator is advising Chinese low-cost retailer Shein in a lawsuit against a competitor, and Amal Clooney is working on a human rights lawsuit against French cement maker Lafarge.

03 January 2024

People News: US appoints judges for new data protection court

A former US attorney general has been appointed to a new US court that will consider EU citizens’ claims of illegal digital surveillance, and Holcim’s legal head is headed to ABB.

01 December 2023

Covington to hand SEC six client names

18 September 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Featured in The Guide to Anti-Money Laundering - First Edition

Organisations can design and incorporate new, ML-based methods as part of their AML compliance programmes, including using ML to analyse risks as part of client onboarding, to identify and assess suspicious activity in transaction data, and to incorporate data-driven analyses in their ongoing risk assessments.

13 September 2023

CFTC commissioners push for action following personal messaging fines

“Change can only happen if the bank’s C-suite establishes a culture of compliance over evasion. It is far past time for the C-suite to step up,” Christy Romero said as the CFTC announced its latest round of penalties over financial institutions’ failures to comply with record-keeping requirements.

09 August 2023

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