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“Tick Tock. There’s no way out for you”: ex-Trafigura trader admits harassing former co-workers

An ex-Trafigura trader secretly messaged various former colleagues after securing a non-prosecution agreement with the Justice Department over her “manipulative trading conduct”.

06 July 2023

Workplace culture complaints rise in UK

The Financial Conduct Authority’s latest tranche of whistleblower data has revealed that UK workers are increasingly concerned about potential misconduct relating to the culture of their organisation.

03 July 2023

Australia tables tougher foreign bribery law, shelves DPA proposals

Australian lawyers said the absence of a provision for deferred prosecution agreements is a “missed opportunity” for corporate enforcement.

29 June 2023

Ex-Audi, VW execs avoid prison over Dieselgate scandal roles

“Things could have happened differently if Mr Hatz and Mr Stadler had made a confession earlier, and had not put the blame on engineers and middle management,” said a lawyer for one of the convicted former Audi executives.

28 June 2023

We’re updating our FCPA Unit prosecutor profiles

Global Investigations Review is updating its database of FCPA Unit prosecutors and their prior work. Have an update to share? Please get in touch.

28 June 2023

Philip Smith: “Publish more data regarding voluntary self-disclosures”

Featured in In-house

The director of regulatory compliance at speaks to GIR about his organisation’s approach to compliance and investigations, and why he’d like to see enforcement agencies provide more information on cases that do not lead to enforcement actions.

26 June 2023

SEC fines JPMorgan $4 million over deleted emails

23 June 2023

DOJ official: Compliance-promoting compensation is about more than just clawbacks

Featured in In-house

The public reaction to a new DOJ pilot programme incentivising companies to promote compliance via compensation packages has been too narrowly focused on clawbacks, a senior DOJ lawyer said.

22 June 2023

CFTC puts the carbon offset industry on notice

The US commodities regulator has asserted jurisdiction over the so-called “carbon credits” market. Lawyers expect enforcement actions will follow.

21 June 2023

Novonor sets its sights on end of Odebrecht-era monitorships

Featured in In-house

The chief compliance officer at Novonor, formerly Odebrecht, shed light on the company’s efforts to overhaul its compliance in the wake of its record-breaking bribery penalty in 2016.

15 June 2023

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