Work Area: Class actions

Investors sue Airbus and auditors

10 January 2022

OSI agrees settlement with investors over corruption allegations

California-based OSI Systems agreed to a $12.5 million settlement with investors who sued the company over corruption allegations on an Albanian contract.

25 October 2021

Cognizant to pay $95 million to settle FCPA-related class action lawsuit

The information technology company says it expects most of the settlement amount will be paid by its insurers.

08 September 2021

Judge scolds investors’ bribery lawsuit: “That theory is incredible”

Investors sued a US company after it bought an Israeli business that allegedly engaged in widespread bribery. A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit, saying it was “stitched together by tissue paper-thin” allegations.

31 March 2021

SQM to pay $62.5 million to settle class action lawsuit

The Chilean mining company is the latest to settle a class action lawsuit concerning disclosure failures over alleged bribery.

12 November 2020

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