Work Area: Anti-money laundering

Indian solar power company self-discloses improper payments

Former executives of Azure Power were involved in a scheme to make improper payments, and certain former board members may have been aware of it, according to a recent audit by BDO.

13 November 2023

Amadea ownership battle could foreshadow challenges for KleptoCapture

While a former Rosneft executive fights the DOJ’s attempts to forfeit the luxury megayacht, it sits in San Diego, where it costs taxpayers an estimated $1 million per month to maintain.

09 November 2023

Airbus wraps up export controls monitorship stemming from historic corruption settlement

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The aerospace company said it has reached the end of a consent agreement with the US Department of State, capping a three-year monitoring period that followed a landmark $3.9 billion settlement with authorities in the US, UK and France.

09 November 2023

Ex-Cognizant executives’ trial scheduled for May

The trial of two Cognizant executives accused of bribing officials in India has also been assigned to a new judge.

08 November 2023

Use of AI in Fugees rapper’s trial doesn’t prove lawyer had conflict, DOJ says

US prosecutors fought back against claims that Pras Michel deserves a new trial because his former lawyer was ineffective and held an undisclosed financial stake in a novel artificial intelligence program that was used to craft closing arguments.

08 November 2023

DOJ says foreign official stipends wouldn’t violate FCPA

The DOJ said prospective payments by a logistics company to foreign officials as a part of a US government training program would be permissible because they do not show corrupt intent.

07 November 2023

Manuel Chang waives potential conflict of interest

A former finance minister of Mozambique accused of bribery chose to continue working with counsel at Ford O’Brien despite the firm previously representing a company linked to the shipbuilder he is accused of taking bribes from.

07 November 2023

Ex-DOJ employee dodges prison for assisting secret 1MDB lobbying campaign

A federal judge in Washington, DC handed George Higginbotham three months of probation after prosecutors asked for a sentence reduction. The former DOJ employee has been a key witness in the US’s probe into two secret foreign influence campaigns financed by China and the alleged architect of the 1MDB corruption scandal.

07 November 2023

Caveats could limit impact of DOJ’s Safe Harbor policy, lawyers say

A new DOJ policy allows companies to avoid prosecution by swiftly reporting misbehaviour uncovered in the M&A process. But lawyers say they’re unsure how broadly the policy will benefit businesses given certain caveats outlined by the DOJ.

06 November 2023

UK appeals court to hear NCA supply chain-linked case

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A London appeal court is set to hear arguments about the level of suspicion the National Crime Agency needs to have about human rights abuses in a company’s supply chain to open a money laundering investigation.

02 November 2023

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