Work Area: Anti-bribery

DOJ asks to detain Bankman-Fried

A Manhattan federal judge has ordered that the embattled founder of cryptocurrency exchange FTX not make statements to media until the government files a brief asking for his detention.

26 July 2023

SAP sets aside €170 million to resolve bribery probes

The software giant has been dogged by ongoing bribery investigations for several years.

26 July 2023

British American Tobacco charged in Italy for failing to prevent corruption

The Italian subsidiary of British American Tobacco is facing administrative charges in Florence, northern Italy, for allegedly failing to stop its employees from participating in corruption.

26 July 2023

Judge denies shareholders access to Goldman’s internal 1MDB communications

A Manhattan judge ruled that Goldman Sachs will not have to hand over communications between an in-house lawyer and the head of corporate communications in Asia-Pacific because of the extent of discovery that has already happened in the case.

25 July 2023

UK court orders Nigerian ex-politician to repay £101 million of stolen funds

James Ibori, the former governor of Nigeria’s Delta State, and two associates must give up £132 million that they allegedly profited from a scheme to launder funds looted from Nigeria.

25 July 2023

DOJ didn’t direct Cognizant interviews, judge finds

The New Jersey federal judge also denied a motion by two former executives accused of bribery to compel the government to search more of the company’s files for exculpatory material.

24 July 2023

CGU fines subsidiary of German company over trade information bribery scheme

The subsidiary of a Hamburg-based chemicals distribution company has settled an investigation into its participation in a scheme to illegally obtain foreign trade information from Brazil’s tax and customs agency.

24 July 2023

New cyber unit could lead to more turf wars in DOJ, lawyers say

A new section in the National Security Division will devote more resources to cybercrime, but lawyers said it may compete with a Criminal Division unit for cases.

21 July 2023

KleptoCapture chief leaves for Manhattan US attorney’s office

Andrew Adams will step down from a task force targeting Russian oligarchs as he heads back to the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

20 July 2023

US lawmakers re-introduce bill to criminalise demand-side of foreign bribery

The legislation proposes to punish foreign officials with up to 15 years in prison for seeking or accepting a bribe from a US person or company. The measure has already stalled twice – first in 2019 and later in 2021.

20 July 2023

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