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Former SBM Offshore salesman “taken for a mug” in allegedly corrupt oil deal

A former sales manager at Dutch oil company SBM Offshore was a mere “postman” and had no idea if any corruption was taking place during an Iraqi oil deal, his barrister has told a UK court.

21 May 2020

Iraqi official faced “risk of immediate death” for helping Unaoil secure oil deal

An alleged perpetrator of an Iraqi bribery scheme acted with secrecy to ensure the safety of an official in war-torn Iraq rather than to conceal any corruption, a court has heard.

19 May 2020

SFO drops Unaoil-linked ABB investigation

The agency told GIR that it closed the ABB investigation in respect to the company and individuals.

19 May 2020

Wood Group expects to settle Unaoil-linked investigations

The Scottish oil company said on Tuesday that it expects to reach a $46 million settlement with US, Brazilian and Scottish authorities over bribery allegations related to Monaco-based energy consultant Unaoil.

10 March 2020

Unaoil-linked companies disclose updates on investigations

KBR and Petrofac have provided updates on their respective bribery investigations related to Monaco-based consultancy Unaoil.

25 February 2020

Former prosecutor: US charges against Unaoil brothers may damage SFO morale

A former SFO lawyer has said the DOJ’s bribery charges against Unaoil’s two most senior executives show the UK must ask itself if it wants to become a “subservient jurisdiction” to the US.

01 November 2019

Unaoil brothers plead guilty in US

Court documents reveal a sprawling bribery scheme implicating over 25 companies, many of which are based in the US.

30 October 2019

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