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False statements and disclosure issues fuel Scotiabank’s market manipulation settlements

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The Canadian bank must appoint an independent compliance monitor and hire over 200 new compliance staff as a condition of the settlements.

20 August 2020

US, UK end Unaoil investigations into KBR

Authorities in the US and UK have closed their Unaoil-related investigations into KBR without taking enforcement action.

06 August 2020

Unsealed docs shed light on US Unaoil case

A Houston federal court unsealed a raft of documents in the US prosecution of Unaoil brothers Saman and Cyrus Ahsani.

30 July 2020

Second Unaoil exec sentenced in UK over bribery in Iraq

Former Unaoil executive Stephen Whiteley has received a three-year prison sentence for his role in a bribery scheme to secure $800 million in Iraqi oil contracts.

30 July 2020

Former Unaoil exec sentenced in UK over Iraq bribery scheme

A UK court sentenced a former territory manager at Monaco oil consultancy Unaoil to five years in prison for bribery offences hours after fresh details of a spat between US and UK prosecutors during the investigation became public.

23 July 2020

Unaoil convictions a “hollow victory” for SFO after misconduct allegations

The SFO’s conduct in the Unaoil investigation has cast a shadow on a much-needed prosecutorial victory, but experts say the UK’s leading anti-fraud agency will survive the affair.

16 July 2020

SFO secures convictions but faces scrutiny of its working practices in Unaoil

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The office is set to commission an independent inquiry after a judge criticised its contact with an associate of Unaoil’s Ahsani family who claimed he could deliver guilty pleas of the UK defendants. Lisa Osofsky and others “took the bait. As others came to realise, they should not have done,” he said.

13 July 2020

Press ask Houston court to unseal Unaoil documents

GIR is one of three publications that have moved to open up proceedings in a US Department of Justice case against the Ahsani brothers.

19 June 2020

Oil executives await verdict in Unaoil bribery trial

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The jury deciding on the fate of three former oil executives accused of paying bribes to Iraqi government officials has retired to consider its verdict.

29 May 2020

Unaoil jury reminded that “security was a major issue”

A judge has started to draw the Unaoil bribery trial to a close by reminding the jury of one of the central arguments of one of the defendants’ case.

27 May 2020

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