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Daimler Allegedly Ignored Internal Concerns

March 29, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

In 2000, the head of the internal audit department expressed concern that certain bank accounts were being used to bribe foreign officials.

U.K Judge Criticizes Innospec Settlement

March 27, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The SFO overstepped its authority and the fine is too low, Lord Justice Thomas said in London.

Career DOJ Prosecutors Warming to McInerney

March 26, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

Denis McInerney left his job at Davis Polk & Wardwell in November to lead the Fraud Section, replacing Steve Tyrell.

Daimler Case Begs the Question: Who is a Foreign Official?

March 25, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The recent charges against German auto manufacturer Daimler AG's Chinese subsidiary raises a question commonly debated among the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act lawyers: who should be considered a foreign official?

U.K.'s Serious Fraud Office Conducts Its Own "Sting"

March 24, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The operation, codenamed "Ruthenium," involved simultaneous raids at offices across England.

U.K. Court Denies Review of BAE Fraud Settlement

March 24, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The United Kingdom's High Court declined to order a hearing to review a proposed settlement between the Serious Fraud Office and arms manufacturer BAE.

Daimler Charged With FCPA Violations

March 23, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

In a criminal information filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Washington, the Justice Department alleged that the car manufacturer Daimler AG paid bribes to foreign officials in 22 countries. UPDATED: 7:22 p.m.

Defense Lawyers Continue Attacks on Sting Case Prosecution

March 22, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

At a hearing Monday afternoon, defense lawyers in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act sting case chided government prosecutors for not turning over evidence faster on the cooperating witness. UPDATED: 3/24.

Daimler AG - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

March 22, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

On April 1, 2010, Daimler AG and DCCL entered into deferred prosecution agreements with the Department of Justice. On the same date, DCAR and ETF pled guilty and agreed to pay criminal fines of $27.26 million and $29.12 million, respectively. In total, Daimler AG and its subsidiaries agreed to pay $93.6 million in criminal fines and penalties. In April 2012, the Justice Department extended Daimler's DPA for nine months.

Q & A with Joe Warin

March 22, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

One of Washington's leading white collar defense attorneys sat down with Main Justice for a chat about the Justice Department's Criminal Division.