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FCPA Defendant Seeks to Withdraw Guilty Plea Amid Battle Over Legal Fees

April 20, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

The case has the trappings of an FCPA soap opera: previously undisclosed documents revealing internal DOJ disagreements over the case, squabbling between a major Washington firm and local counsel over legal fees, and the future of a man described by his attorney as a "whistleblower."

Judge Unlikely to Admit Evidence of Historic Deals in Sprawling Foreign Bribery Case

April 20, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

Judge Richard Leon also appeared unlikely to give an entrapment instruction to the jury, which would be critical to the defendants who have consistently argued in pre-trial hearings that they were entrapped by the government.

OECD Says Nations Not Meeting Commitments to Anti-Bribery Treaty

April 20, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

In an annual report, the OECD said only 5 of the 38 members of its anti-bribery convention had imposed sanctions in the past year.

Lindsey Trial Continues, With Dramatic Reading of Jailhouse Conversations

April 20, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

In a rare Foreign Corrupt Practices Act trial, an FBI agent portrayed a defendant, while her lawyer read the lines of her husband in court.

FCPA Blogs Round-Up: Ignorance May Not Be Bliss

April 19, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

The U.K. Bribery Act is supposed to be important. So why are so many people in the dark?

It's a Question of Fact, DOJ Says, on 'Foreign Official' Challenge

April 19, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

The Justice Department fired back again at defense lawyers' attempts to limit the scope of a key foreign bribery law and said such attempts unjustifiably transform a fact-based question into a sweeping legal one.

Few Oil and Gas Firms Have 'Facilitation Payments' Policies

April 18, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

Most top oil and gas companies have no public policy on the small bribes known as facilitation payments, despite new laws that ban such payments, according to a new study by Haynes and Boone LLP.

Layne Christensen Allegations Multiplying

April 18, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

The company has reported additional problems.

FCPA Trial To Begin After Another Ends

April 18, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

The government's foreign bribery case against John O'Shea is scheduled to begin in Houston seven days after the jury returns a verdict in a related prosecution in Los Angeles.

FCPA Blog Round-Up: In Uncle's Crosshairs

April 15, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

With each new wrinkle the plight of a former GlaxoSmithKline lawyer stirs debate.