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South Africa seeks Interpol red notice for Gupta brothers

04 June 2021

Ex-Alstom executive fails in Supreme Court challenge to Brazilian bribery conviction

02 June 2021

Former Dechert partner was SFO’s “insider”, court hears

A barrister acting for Dechert said that allegations that its former head of investigations leaked confidential information to the SFO are “the stuff of conspiracy theory”.

25 May 2021

Panama prosecutors ask to try two former presidents over Odebrecht payments

25 May 2021

ENRC: Greed at the heart of Dechert’s leaks to the SFO

The Eurasian mining company told the High Court in London on Monday that its former lawyer, Neil Gerrard, was motivated by “money and greed”.

24 May 2021

DOJ: Lenient sentences for convicted spoofers could “wreak havoc” on US markets

US prosecutors want two convicted ex-Deutsche Bank traders to serve at least four-and-a-half years in prison; the former traders hope to avoid prison altogether.

24 May 2021

US judge approves prosecutors’ refusal to disclose potential evidence to Huawei

18 May 2021

Daewoo executives jailed in Singapore over bribery scheme

18 May 2021

Court prevents convicted ex-Coca-Cola engineer from interviewing jurors

13 May 2021

Swedish Ericsson probe closing in on former employees

Sweden is investigating alleged bribery by former Ericsson employees in Djibouti and two other countries, a local prosecutor told GIR in an interview.

12 May 2021

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