Topic: Whistleblower

Barclays CEO steps down amid investigation of Epstein relationship

Jes Staley plans to challenge the findings of two UK regulators that are investigating whether the banker misrepresented historic ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

01 November 2021

CFTC hands out $200 million award to whistleblower

22 October 2021

Monaco prosecutor interviews ex-SBM Offshore lawyer after extradition ordeal

Former SBM Offshore lawyer Jonathan Taylor voluntarily travelled to Monaco on Monday to speak with a public prosecutor, months after he successfully avoided extradition to the principality.

13 October 2021

Deutsche Bank-owned asset manager hired law firm to review greenwashing claims

06 October 2021

Airbus subsidiary pays $1 million to resolve allegations of overbilling in US federal contracts

05 October 2021

NCA whistleblower tips fail to assist investigations

29 September 2021

Wells Fargo enters $72.6m settlement for overcharging customers

28 September 2021

Ex-SEC whistleblower chief: “many tips are lost at middle management level”

The former chief of the SEC’s whistleblower office has said it is crucial that companies train middle management on how to recognise a whistleblower tip and deal with it effectively.

27 September 2021

SBM Offshore informant summoned to Monaco

Jonathan Taylor hopes that his questioning by a Monaco judge as part of a corruption investigation will bring years of pursuit by the principality’s authorities to an end.

21 September 2021

SEC surpasses $1 billion in awards to whistleblowers

16 September 2021

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