Topic: Surveillance

SEC eyes private equity companies over personal messaging use

The SEC’s information requests to three major private equity companies were revealed two months after the regulator hit banks, brokers and investment advisors with over $1 billion in fines over the use of personal messaging apps for business.

09 November 2022

US regulators issue $1.8 billion in fines over personal messaging usage

The SEC has announced a “first-of-its-kind group resolution” against 11 financial institutions for breaching rules governing the use of personal devices at work.

28 September 2022

Citi fined over UK market abuse detection breaches

19 August 2022

Bank of America record-keeping probe resolution imminent

19 July 2022

BaFin places Turkish bank under close supervision

20 April 2022

Interpol launches financial crime and corruption initiative

Practitioners said the self-described apolitical organisation has entered the financial crime arena at a moment when many future investigations will likely be driven by geopolitical tensions.

16 March 2022

US export control agency targets Russian semiconductor sales

The Bureau of Industry and Security’s enforcement chief said the agency has made such cases a priority following “Russia’s unprovoked war against the people of Ukraine”.

03 March 2022

Whistleblower says NSO offered “bags of cash” to US mobile security company

02 February 2022

DOJ forces WhatsApp to disclose users’ locations

18 January 2022

EU banking regulator: de-risking is undermining financial crime efforts

The European Banking Authority has warned that EU authorities are losing opportunities to detect suspicious transactions because lenders are too eager to cut ties with risky customers.

06 January 2022

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