Topic: Russia-Ukraine conflict

US dismisses appeals against export ban on Russian airline

The US Bureau of Industry and Security said a Russian tour operator has no standing to appeal against a temporary export ban that briefly named the company as a “related person”. The agency also dismissed a similar appeal by a Turkish airline.

05 October 2023

Businessman pleads guilty to buying metals from sanctioned oligarch

Sergey Karpushkin agreed to pay $4.7 million in forfeiture as part of his plea.

08 September 2023

General licence for advising on sanctions puzzles UK practitioners

A general licence issued by the UK government to allow lawyers to undertake compliance work under the country’s Russian sanctions regime has resolved some issues but placed heavier administrative burdens on legal practitioners.

18 August 2023

“Go home and get nothing”: Western companies grapple with Russian exit taxes

Moscow’s draconian regulations force Western companies to sell their Russian assets at an extreme discount and tack on a special tax to the sale. Meanwhile, the US wants companies to apply for a special licence to divest their Russian assets. Lawyers say the conflicting rules are hard to navigate.

11 August 2023

Ex-FBI counterintelligence official may plead guilty in sanctions case

Charles McGonigal, the former head of the FBI’s counterintelligence unit in New York, has informed a federal judge that he may wish to change his plea after initially denying charges that he violated US sanctions by secretly working for a Russian oligarch.

08 August 2023

Ukraine creates sanctions database for Russia-linked art

08 August 2023

Former KleptoCapture chief to join private practice

Andrew Adams is moving to a law firm after leading a DOJ initiative targeting Russian officials and elites who violate US sanctions.

01 August 2023

Former Kleptocapture head leaves DOJ

The prosecutor who kickstarted an inter-agency task force targeting Russian oligarchs has left SDNY soon after his return.

27 July 2023

Former Russian bank board members get de-listed

The Office of Foreign Assets Control de-listed two former Russian bank board members who sued the US government arguing that they were wrongfully sanctioned.

21 July 2023

KleptoCapture chief leaves for Manhattan US attorney’s office

Andrew Adams will step down from a task force targeting Russian oligarchs as he heads back to the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

20 July 2023

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