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Former FBI official arrested for violating sanctions on Deripaska

US authorities arrested a retired FBI agent for providing services to sanctioned Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska in exchange for secret payments.

24 January 2023

DOJ charges businessmen over servicing of Russian oligarch’s yacht

US prosecutors have accused two businessmen of facilitating sanctions evasion by helping a sanctioned Russian “obfuscate” his ownership of a $90 million motor yacht.

23 January 2023

Airbus export control head: diversion of parts to Russia is company’s “biggest worry”

Featured in In-house

Speaking at a GIR Live conference in London on Thursday, Lesley Davey outlined the company’s response to sanctions on Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

01 December 2022

EU moves forward with criminalisation of sanctions evasion

29 November 2022

UBS searched in Russian oligarch investigation in Germany

Frankfurt prosecutors carried out raids as part of an investigation into a sanctioned Russian businessman whose homes were searched by Munich prosecutors in a separate probe in September.

08 November 2022

IRS takes on sanctions work

The US tax agency has identified 50 people and companies as possible targets for “sanctions-related enforcement” since March.

04 November 2022

OFAC-OFSI announcement latest sign of United States’ growing multilateral sanctions approach

In a recent joint salvo, the US and UK civil sanctions offices said they are deepening their collaboration through sharing best practices and possibly implementing “joint products” or guidance.

04 November 2022

OFSI eases legal fee rules for sanctioned Russians

The UK’s civil sanctions enforcement agency has simplified the process for lawyers accepting payments from clients on Russian and Belarusian sanctions lists.

31 October 2022

DOJ charges individuals, companies for shipping military tech to Russia

In separate cases in Connecticut and New York, prosecutors filed charges against defendants for smuggling Venezuelan oil and selling US military technology, including a tool used for nuclear proliferation, to Russia.

20 October 2022

Lab equipment distributor gets two-year probation for undervaluing Russia, Ukraine shipments

Intertech Trading Corporation agreed to pay more than $140 thousand in fines and fees.

17 October 2022

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