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Miami cruise line’s correspondence with lawyers targeted in Cuba trafficking lawsuit

The Havana Docks Corporation argues that parties who believe they’ve acted lawfully cannot claim attorney-client privilege over advice regarding the legality of their conduct.

23 March 2021

PwC partners could face criminal charges in Australia over alleged privilege misuse

03 February 2021

ENRC sues SFO and former case controller over alleged media leaks

The Kazakh mining company alleges that SFO officials broke statutory duties and internal policies by leaking confidential information about an ongoing corruption probe to the media with the aim of harming the company.

29 January 2021

Dutch court: Foreign in-house counsel working abroad covered by privilege

Featured in In-house

A court in Rotterdam has partially overturned a decision that prevented in-house lawyers working for Dutch-British oil company Shell from claiming legal professional privilege in a local investigation into alleged bribery in Nigeria.

29 January 2021

Dutch report highlights “bottlenecks” in privilege disputes

Privilege disputes in the Netherlands can take over seven times longer to resolve than the timeframe set out by law, according to a report commissioned by the country’s Ministry of Justice.

19 January 2021

Law firm loses privilege battle with Chinese billionaire over hack report

A hacked US law firm must hand over a consultancy’s investigation report into the breach to a client after a judge ruled it wasn’t protected by attorney-client privilege or work-product privilege.

18 January 2021

DOJ tweaks lawyer search procedures

The deputy attorney general’s office should review all requests to search lawyers under criminal investigation, according to a recently issued DOJ memo. The change is the latest introduced by the department to strengthen its handling of privileged materials.

14 January 2021

In adoption bribery case, company attacks DOJ privilege stance

A defunct company has pushed back against prosecutors’ assertions that its claims of privilege no longer stand. The government effectively “put the corporation out of business and now seeks to void the privilege,” the adoption agency's counsel said.

11 January 2021

Federal court approves Fraud Section’s privilege review process

The ruling is an important development for the Fraud Section’s new privilege unit.

08 December 2020

Prosecutors rebuff Theranos founder’s privilege claim over company documents

US prosecutors have argued that Elizabeth Holmes, who founded medical device startup Theranos, cannot shield documents prepared by the company’s former lawyers from being presented at her upcoming fraud trial.

24 November 2020

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