Topic: Privilege

FRC fines Grant Thornton over construction company audits

01 November 2021

Defunct adoption agency loses privilege protections, Ohio court says

The company expressed alarm at the decision, saying it could be charged by prosecutors handling a fraud and corruption case.

01 November 2021

Rob Zink: Special masters would solve DOJ privilege concerns

The former senior Criminal Division official said special masters, while a clear solution to privilege disputes, aren’t feasible unless Congress produces the necessary funding.

28 October 2021

French lawyers ask president to amend legal advice privilege bill

“Clients just won’t have confidence in speaking to their attorney; the whole point of having an attorney-client relationship will just die,” said one white-collar lawyer.

26 October 2021

A look back at GIR Connect: Paris

The virtual conference featured a keynote from Total general counsel Aurélien Hamelle and was co-chaired by Jonathan Mattout of Herbert Smith Freehills and Laura Perkins of Hughes Hubbard & Reed. A video of the entire programme is online now.

05 October 2021

DOJ flouted privilege safeguards, says investment company

A real estate investment company has accused the DOJ in Texas of ignoring basic privilege safeguards during a criminal investigation. It’s the latest episode in an ugly battle between the company and the department.

16 September 2021

Ninth Circuit says company, law firm wrong to withhold docs from US probe

The US appeals court weighed in on when dual-purpose communications are protected by privilege.

14 September 2021

Privilege difficulties continue to trouble DOJ

US prosecutors across the country are struggling to find an effective way of handling privileged materials taken during a criminal investigation. “The rank and file are frustrated”, said one former prosecutor.

31 August 2021

Swiss privilege ruling a concern for companies seeking legal advice outside of Europe

One Swiss lawyer said the country’s parliament should examine the “unacceptable” ruling that permits prosecutors to seize legal advice given by lawyers outside of Europe in certain circumstances.

23 July 2021

Fifth Circuit criticises DOJ’s retention of privileged docs

“A taint team serves no practical effect if the government refuses to destroy or return the copies of documents that the taint team has identified as privileged,” the appeals court said.

16 July 2021

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