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Parallel Civil Litigation: The UK Perspective

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Parallel proceedings can give rise to a whole host of complex issues that must be carefully considered throughout each stage of a matter. It is essential that individuals within the corporate that are managing the investigation and any related civil ligation coordinate closely to consider how the legal, regulatory and procedural issues within each set of proceedings impact the other.

10 January 2024

Dutch Attorney General: expand investigating judges’ role in privilege calls

The Dutch Supreme Court has been advised to give investigating judges a broader remit in privilege filtering than the law currently prescribes while legislative changes are underway.

12 December 2023

Dutch authorities end long-running investigation following privilege errors

Dutch prosecutors said they have closed a decade-long investigation into Box Consultants because “the right of non-disclosure was violated” and “incorrect choices” were made by prosecutors.

06 October 2023

Lessons from Cognizant: lawyers share tips to defend internal probes

At a GIR conference in New York City, lawyers discussed how companies and defence counsel can deal with privilege and constitutional disputes that arose from a foreign bribery case against two Cognizant executives.

26 September 2023

OM acknowledges mistakes in handling privileged information

Dutch prosecutors have conceded there are flaws in their current approach to filtering for privileged information during investigations.

26 September 2023

DOJ cooperation policies do not equate to coercive misconduct, judge says

A US federal judge has rejected a former Allianz executive’s claim that fraud charges against him should be thrown out because prosecutors inappropriately pressured company counsel into turning against him.

17 August 2023

France mulls privilege protections for in-house legal advice

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French lawyers said the proposed legislation would give French companies greater protections from evidence-gathering requests sent by foreign regulators.

16 August 2023

Judge denies shareholders access to Goldman’s internal 1MDB communications

A Manhattan judge ruled that Goldman Sachs will not have to hand over communications between an in-house lawyer and the head of corporate communications in Asia-Pacific because of the extent of discovery that has already happened in the case.

25 July 2023

Covington must hand over seven client names in relation to hack

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An SEC request to disclose client names will not break attorney-client privilege or exceed the agency’s statutory authority, a federal judge said.

25 July 2023

Former Cognizant execs say company “distorted record” by withholding exculpatory evidence in bribery case

Steven Schwartz and Gordon Coburn’s lawyers said the New Jersey-headquartered company made lopsided privilege claims while prosecutors turned a blind eye.

12 June 2023

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