Topic: Money laundering

Brazil scales down corruption task forces after Car Wash criticism

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Brazil

Brazillian prosecutors are moving away from large-scale corruption investigations to smaller and more focused task forces, a Brazilian lawyer told audience members at GIR Live: Women in Investigations on Thursday.

16 June 2022

Four sentenced to prison for Bolivian bribery scheme

Three US citizens and a Bolivian citizen were sentenced to prison time in connection with a conspiracy to bribe Bolivian government officials in exchange for a $5.6 million contract from that government.

14 June 2022

Following Gupta arrests, lawyers warn of long journey to come

South African lawyers say the arrests of the Gupta brothers in Dubai on Monday are a real “milestone” but warned that it could take years for the pair to face trial over their alleged role in widespread corruption in South Africa.

09 June 2022

Reuters: Binance helped criminals launder over $2 billion

07 June 2022

Dubai police arrest British cum-ex suspect

The recent signing of an extradition treaty between Denmark and the UAE has paved the way for Dubai authorities to apprehend businessman Sanjay Shah on an international arrest warrant.

06 June 2022

DOJ seizes $3.5 million property linked to former Gambian president

The US will recommend that proceeds from the sale of the mansion go to the people of Gambia.

27 May 2022

Five years probation and intermittent jail for Venezuelan businessman for PDVSA scheme

Carlos Enrique Urbano Fermín was sentenced to five years of probation and 120 days of intermittent confinement.

24 May 2022

BitMEX co-founder sentenced to six months home detention

23 May 2022

Wells Fargo subsidiary fined a second time over late SARs

The SEC’s director of enforcement said the settlement sends “a loud and clear message” that companies’ anti-money laundering obligations are “sacrosanct”.

23 May 2022

UK police seize Latvian company’s funds linked to Privatbank case

A London court has ordered the forfeiture of over £200,000 belonging to a purported recruitment company after prosecutors alleged the funds were the proceeds of a “sophisticated, high-value, cross-border money laundering operation”.

19 May 2022

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