Topic: Extradition

UK prime minister declines to intervene in Lynch extradition case

13 January 2021

Croatian court orders extradition of SBM Offshore whistleblower to Monaco

13 January 2021

Brexit deal: UK takes step back in cross-border enforcement

The UK now faces more cumbersome enforcement and investigative procedures as a result of the country’s full separation from the EU, but it has managed to salvage some consolations in its new relationship with the bloc, experts say.

08 January 2021

Russian bitcoin expert sentenced to prison in France

08 December 2020

Huawei CFO discussing potential settlement with US prosecutors

04 December 2020

Senior Canadian police officer refuses to testify in Meng sanctions case

17 November 2020

UK government refuses to intervene in SBM Offshore whistleblower case

09 November 2020

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