Topic: Extradition

Autonomy founder hopes to overturn US extradition

UK businessman Mike Lynch has asked a London court for permission to appeal against a decision to extradite him to the US where he faces fraud charges over the sale of a software company he co-founded.

15 March 2023

US seeks to extradite businessman from UK over alleged export violations

US authorities want to extradite an Iranian businessman from the UK for allegedly exporting scientific instruments to Iran.

27 February 2023

Peru: US greenlights extradition of former Peruvian president

22 February 2023

UK businessman to challenge extradition over alleged US sanctions offence

13 December 2022

Former Venezuelan treasurer’s bribery trial kicks off

A jury heard opening statements in the DOJ's bribery case against Claudia Patricia Díaz Guillén, who served under former president Hugo Chávez’s administration.

29 November 2022

Former Concacaf executive to be extradited to the US

In 2015, Jack Warner was named among nine Fifa officials and five executives in a 47-count indictment accusing them of enriching themselves through the corruption of international football.

17 November 2022

CPS defends attempt to extradite Austrian banker to the US

UK prosecutors have accused the former CEO of Austrian lender Meinl Bank of a “thinly veiled attempt” to fight the substance of his US money laundering charges in a UK court.

17 November 2022

Ex-bank boss accuses DOJ of lying to secure extradition in Odebrecht-linked case

The former CEO of Austrian lender Meinl Bank claimed US prosecutors have given a “fundamentally false and misleading account” of their case against him in an effort to secure his extradition from the UK.

16 November 2022

Unaoil brothers hire former Texas prosecutor

The Iranian brothers at the centre of the Unaoil case have hired the former US Attorney for the Northern District of Texas ahead of their sentencing hearing scheduled for next month.

07 November 2022

DOJ charges individuals, companies for shipping military tech to Russia

In separate cases in Connecticut and New York, prosecutors filed charges against defendants for smuggling Venezuelan oil and selling US military technology, including a tool used for nuclear proliferation, to Russia.

20 October 2022

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