Topic: Export control

US export agency punishes military equipment company over jet boot sales

A military equipment company has entered into a settlement with the Commerce Department after it knowingly sold jet boots to Russia’s federal guard service in violation of US export rules.

30 June 2021

US security products company fined over illegal exports

The Commerce Department has fined a US company that illegally sold stun guns and pepper spray to a raft of countries across several continents while failing to maintain records of the transactions.

28 June 2021

US package forwarding company dinged for illegal exports

The US Commerce Department has fined a Portland-based package forwarding company and ordered it to appoint an external compliance auditor for illegally shipping rifle scopes to Iran and China.

18 June 2021

Ex-NASA scientist sentenced to prison for lying about China funding links

17 June 2021

US export control agency’s enforcement numbers climb in 2021

The US export control agency has had a fast start to 2021, eclipsing previous annual tallies for corporate enforcement actions within the first six months of the year.

10 June 2021

US laser manufacturer penalised over China exports

The US Commerce Department has slapped New York-based laser producer Photonics Industries with a fine for illegally exporting its products to mainland China.

02 June 2021

BIS shows leniency is available to companies that self-report

Companies that voluntarily reported potential violations of US export regulations to the Commerce Department in recent years almost always avoided a financial penalty.

26 May 2021

US court dismisses Xiaomi sanctions

26 May 2021

Dutch pipeline builder on the hook for US export violations

The US Commerce Department has slapped a Dutch engineering company with a $60,000 fine over a scheme to illegally ship industrial sealants to an Iranian client.

18 May 2021

Honeywell sketch exports breached US arms controls

The State Department found that the company committed breaches of US arms regulations shortly after it had finished investigating similar violations.

04 May 2021

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