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US man to forfeit $2.9 million for violating Iran sanctions

A dual US-Iranian citizen pleaded guilty to two simultaneous schemes to trade Iranian oil products.

10 January 2023

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18 December 2022

HMRC export control penalties close to all-time high

12 December 2022

US university fined over professor's foreign government links

The Ohio State University has agreed to pay $875,000 for failing to disclose a professor’s affiliations with a foreign government while receiving research funds from various US organisations.

11 November 2022

Magnetics company charged for sending military drawings to China

The US Justice Department has accused Quadrant Magnetic and three of its top executives of sharing sensitive military data with a Chinese company.

10 November 2022

UAE company, owner sued over alleged shipments to Syria and Iran

The company allegedly breached export control rules by purchasing IT equipment from US companies to re-sell in Syria and Iran.

07 November 2022

US Republicans suggest taking export controls enforcement away from Commerce

The department has overlooked its mission to protect national security in upholding its mandate to promote trade to high-risk countries, especially China, the bill said.

02 November 2022

Embraer GC: compliance procedures are protecting the business

Featured in In-house

The top lawyer at Brazilian plane maker Embraer described how its compliance controls protected the company after planned sales to a troubled airline fell through.

25 October 2022

DOJ charges individuals, companies for shipping military tech to Russia

In separate cases in Connecticut and New York, prosecutors filed charges against defendants for smuggling Venezuelan oil and selling US military technology, including a tool used for nuclear proliferation, to Russia.

20 October 2022

Extreme Networks self-reports indirect sales to Russian arms company

A US technology company has uncovered indirect sales of $645,000 to a sanctioned company that builds weapons for the Russia military after receiving information from a news outlet.

13 October 2022

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