Topic: Enforcement

French prosecutors raid offices of Lactalis Group in tax fraud probe

07 February 2024

FCA demands answers from insurance companies about workplace culture issues

The UK’s financial market regulator has told companies in the insurance sector to hand over information about their handling of non-financial misconduct cases in the workplace.

07 February 2024

Cyprus plans dedicated sanctions agency by end of 2024

07 February 2024

NCA deployed undercover officer in Madagascar-linked bribery case

The bribery charges against the former chief of staff to Madagascar’s president are the result of an NCA sting operation where an officer posed as a consultant, a London court has heard.

06 February 2024

UK trading company: HMRC cum-ex raids were unlawful

ED&F Man Capital Markets has told a London court that HM Revenue & Customs should not have been allowed to raid its offices to assist foreign authorities with a wide-ranging investigation into an alleged fraudulent tax scheme.

06 February 2024

SAP and IBM face criminal charges over Air India software sales

Indian prosecutors have charged the local subsidiaries of German software company SAP and US tech business IBM over an alleged criminal conspiracy related to the sale of software to a then-state-owned airline in 2011.

05 February 2024

UK Environment Agency launches economic crime unit

The UK government has introduced a new unit within its environmental protection agency tasked with investigating money laundering and other financial crimes linked to the waste sector.

05 February 2024

Two convicted in Danske Bank-linked money laundering case in Denmark

A Copenhagen court has sentenced two individuals to a combined 16 years in prison for their roles in laundering billions of dollars in illicit funds through Danske Bank’s Estonian branch.

05 February 2024

British trader convicted in Denmark’s first criminal cum-ex trial

A Danish court has sentenced British trader Guenther Klar to six years in prison for defrauding Denmark’s treasury of over $45 million through a practice known as cum-ex trading.

05 February 2024

OFAC official: review our compliance guidance “line by line”

A senior official at the US civil sanctions enforcer said companies that follow the agency’s compliance guidance meticulously are likely to stay out of its enforcement crosshairs and off its sanctions lists.

02 February 2024

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