Topic: Duty of care

South Australia gambling regulator to review SkyCity casino

01 July 2022

France opens torture investigation into Interpol chief

12 May 2022

FRC opens more investigations into GFG Alliance auditors

04 May 2022

Zondo Commission wants criminal charges against former Eskom executives

03 May 2022

Swiss sanctions enforcer rattles legal community with disclosure stance

The Swiss ministry responsible for investigating economic sanctions breaches has doubled down on its position that lawyers have a duty to disclose assets held by sanctioned clients.

01 April 2022

Munich prosecutors charge former Wirecard CEO

Prosecutors have outlined a scheme where Wirecard executives allegedly faked profits and embezzled funds from the business via loans to third-party companies.

14 March 2022

GCs perturbed by DOJ focus on individuals

“My own personal opinion is that criminal prosecutions should be reserved for cases in which there’s really evidence of bad intent,” said Kathryn Ruemmler, a former senior DOJ official and now the top lawyer at Goldman Sachs.

07 March 2022

JPMorgan: former president authorised controversial Nigerian oil deal

US lender JPMorgan has denied breaching its duty of care to the Nigerian government by allegedly enabling public officials to pilfer the lion’s share of a $1.3 billion oilfield sale in 2011.

28 February 2022

Attorney general appoints former judge to lead Unaoil review

A retired UK high court judge is set to lead a review into the Serious Fraud Office’s handling of the Unaoil case.

09 February 2022

MPs rebuke law firms over “unethical” work for clients

21 January 2022

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