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OM acknowledges mistakes in handling privileged information

Dutch prosecutors have conceded there are flaws in their current approach to filtering for privileged information during investigations.

26 September 2023

New cyber unit could lead to more turf wars in DOJ, lawyers say

A new section in the National Security Division will devote more resources to cybercrime, but lawyers said it may compete with a Criminal Division unit for cases.

21 July 2023

DOJ launches corporate crime database

This is the first time that the department will gather information about all cases related to corporate wrongdoing across the agency in the same place.

09 June 2023

Swedbank fined $80 million for IT controls failures

16 March 2023

First CLOUD Act agreement to accelerate prosecutors’ access to data, documents

Government investigators are now able to request information directly from communication service providers, including major tech companies

07 December 2022

Glenn Leon: data analytics in corporate compliance not about the “shiniest tool”

Featured in In-house

The head of the DOJ’s fraud section said in-house lawyers should make the most of their resources when introducing data analytics into their company’s compliance programme, and indicated that more enforcement actions and policy changes are on the horizon.

01 December 2022

Dutch challenger bank wins legal fight over “innovative” AML checks

“Determining the effectiveness of anti-money laundering systems should be about the outcome, not how the organisation got there,” said a lawyer who helped Bunq win a landmark victory against a Dutch financial regulator.

10 November 2022

Director of Public Prosecutions: CPS can learn from reports into SFO failings

Max Hill KC told a London legal conference that the reports’ emphasis on early engagement with defence counsel during investigations is something his agency needs to keep in mind.

10 October 2022

SFO reviews pile on the pressure

UK practitioners condemned the UK’s anti-fraud watchdog for the “basic” failures described in recent reviews of the agency and say the reports provide an urgent opportunity for learning and reflection by the SFO and the government.

28 July 2022

Law firm targets Dutch authorities over alleged privilege breaches

Two groups representing Dutch criminal defence lawyers have joined law firm Stibbe in a civil case over alleged infringements of confidential communications between lawyers and their clients.

04 February 2022

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