Topic: Corporate liability

DOJ, RCMP decline to prosecute coal mining company for Egypt bribery scheme

US prosecutors said their decision was based on Corsa Coal’s ‘timely’ disclosure of the corruption and the company’s willingness to cooperate with the DOJ’s investigation.

13 March 2023

SFO’s top investigator: “We punch well above our weight”

The chief investigator at the UK’s Serious Fraud Office highlighted some factors behind the agency’s recent successes and outlined areas where it can improve.

27 February 2023

Court halts ex-Deutsche Bank trader’s use of prosecution documents in civil case

A US court has ordered ex-Deutsche Bank trader Matthew Connolly to stop using discovery from a criminal case in a lawsuit against his former employer.

16 February 2023

German prosecutors raid three companies in sanctions evasion probe

The Cologne public prosecutor’s office has searched three companies and a number of private homes as part of an investigation into bypassing EU sanctions against Russia.

13 February 2023

Dutch Supreme Court clarifies threshold for criminal sanctions breaches

“It’s a wake-up call to companies to get their act together,” said one lawyer, after the Netherlands’ highest court ruled that an entity doesn’t need to know it’s breaking the law to commit a criminal sanctions breach.

07 February 2023

Boeing defends not guilty plea at DPA hearing

03 February 2023

Lefosse recruits MPF prosecutor with international profile

The former deputy head of international cooperation at Brazil’s Federal Prosecution Service told GIR that companies should keep pressing prosecutors for clarity and consistency in their decisions.

02 February 2023

Boeing victims claim company violated DPA with recent not guilty plea

02 February 2023

First OFSI report on unpunished breaches to come soon

OFSI recently gained powers to disclose details of apparent financial sanctions violations in cases that don’t attract a fine.

01 February 2023

European gambling business investigates AML failings in the Middle East

Gibraltar-based betting company 888 announced the immediate departure of its CEO on the same day it revealed breaches of anti-money laundering “best practices”.

30 January 2023

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