Topic: Corporate liability

Facebook pressured to release findings from human rights probe

20 January 2022

Integrity standards stagnate during pandemic

12 January 2022

Non-profit attacks Chamber’s anti-corporate enforcement efforts

“The US Chamber of Commerce fears law enforcement against corporate wrongdoers because its ranks are filled with corporate wrongdoers,” Public Citizen said.

11 January 2022

Mishcon fined over anti-money laundering breaches

05 January 2022

FCPA Unit chief clarifies DOJ approach to corporate recidivism

The DOJ official said that the recency of prior misconduct and how a company addressed the causes of that wrongdoing will matter when the department decides what type of corporate settlement to pursue.

09 December 2021

SEC investigating Tesla over alleged failure to disclose solar panel defects

06 December 2021

DOJ’s corporate enforcement changes a “step backward”, says Chamber exec

“These are not reforms that encourage an atmosphere of cooperation by employers,” a senior business lobby executive said.

03 December 2021

GIR Live: Home Office failing to match SFO’s anti-fraud commitment

A former director of the UK’s Serious Fraud Office has said the Home Office has failed to provide the anti-fraud agency with the resources it needs to effectively tackle corporate crime.

02 December 2021

NGO appeals against dismissal of human rights lawsuit targeting tech companies

01 December 2021

Stuttgart prosecutors examine Deutsche Bahn corruption claims

26 November 2021

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