Topic: Commercial bribery

Glenn Leon: data analytics in corporate compliance not about the “shiniest tool”

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The head of the DOJ’s fraud section said in-house lawyers should make the most of their resources when introducing data analytics into their company’s compliance programme, and indicated that more enforcement actions and policy changes are on the horizon.

01 December 2022

US Democrats introduce DOJ corporate crime database bill

The legislation’s sponsors sent a letter to US attorney general in October urging him to create the database

30 November 2022

Ex-Goldman Sachs banker arrested for Ghanaian bribery scheme

Asante Berko allegedly participated in a scheme to pay more than $700,000 in bribes to Ghanaian officials to secure a contract for a power plant for one of the bank’s clients.

10 November 2022

Insurance broker Arthur J Gallagher subpoenaed by FCPA Unit

Arthur J Gallagher is the latest in a string of companies pulled into the DOJ’s anti-bribery probe in Ecuador.

07 November 2022

Glencore facing potential $50 million restitution claim from medical company owners

The owners of a medical services company says the Anglo-Swiss commodities trader appointed a “bogus doctor” to manage clinics their company operated for workers in Glencore-owned mines.

26 October 2022

Chinese spies charged with obstructing DOJ’s Huawei case

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The DOJ alleges that two Chinese intelligence officers tried to bribe an unnamed employee of a US law enforcement agency to turn over information that would aid the telecoms company’s defence in a sprawling sanctions case.

24 October 2022

Australian pair face Sri Lanka-linked foreign bribery charges

19 October 2022

French cement producer to pay $778 million for ISIS payments

Lafarge and its Syrian subsidiary pleaded guilty to “unprecedented charges” related to payments it made to terrorists groups to protect a cement plant near the Turkish border.

18 October 2022

Glencore to face restitution claim in US bribery case

The owners of a medical device company affected by Glencore's bribery in the DRC filed an appearance in the DOJ case against the commodities trader.

14 October 2022

Former Salvadorean football official sentenced to 16 months in prison

The former president of El Salvador’s football federation will also pay $360,000 for his role in an international corruption scheme that the US has been pursuing for years.

29 September 2022

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