Topic: Commercial bribery

Ericsson sets $220 million aside for potential DOJ resolution over breach of DPA

The DOJ has twice warned the Swedish multinational it had breached a $1 billion bribery settlement reached with US authorities in 2019.

12 January 2023

Forfeiture reveals US probe of Chinese company's Mariana Islands influence

The DOJ filed a forfeiture action in connection with an alleged scheme by a Chinese company to improperly influence politicians for an exclusive gaming licence in the US territory

04 January 2023

FCPA Docket: Safran agrees to disgorge $17 million, receives DOJ declination

The DOJ declined to prosecute aerospace company Safran for bribery; a former risk director for the Ecuadorian police pension fund will spend five years in prison for taking bribes; two current Ericsson executives were accused of approving protection payments to the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

03 January 2023

Keppel settles foreign bribery allegations with Brazil’s CGU, AGU

The Singaporean engineering company has agreed to pay $65 million to the two Brazilian agencies on top of the $422 million it agreed in 2017 to pay various authorities over the same allegations.

20 December 2022

Honeywell to pay $202.7 million for Brazilian, Algerian bribery schemes

The US-based conglomerate entered agreements with the DOJ, SEC and Brazilian authorities.

19 December 2022

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18 December 2022

Marshall Miller: ABB resolution shows DOJ is serious about new self-disclosure policy

ABB’s demonstration of intent to self-disclose bribery misconduct before a media report broke helped the repeat FCPA offender obtain a parent-level DPA, the principal associate deputy attorney general said.

07 December 2022

ABB to pay $327 million in multilateral bribery resolution

The Zurich-based industrial company entered resolutions with US, Swiss and South African authorities, while a resolution of a German investigation is anticipated.

02 December 2022

DOJ official: Stericycle case shows DOJ will go after smaller bribes, too

Nicole Argentieri said the DOJ and SEC’s $84 million settlement with the waste management company demonstrates that the US combats corruption which “slowly erodes the rule of law”.

02 December 2022

Former NGO heads plead guilty to Marshall Islands bribery scheme

Featured in Investigator's Guide to New York

The former heads of a New York-based NGO allegedly bribed officials in the Marshall Islands in an attempt to create a semi-autonomous region with lower tax rates.

01 December 2022

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