Topic: Asset forfeiture

DOJ, SEC officials build out expectations on company ephemeral messaging rules

Justice Department and SEC officials want companies under investigation to present the rules they have in place for employees’ usage of such messaging platforms.

30 November 2022

NCA secures first-of-its-kind ruling to recover suspect funds

A court in London has ruled that Barclays must hand over £50 million the lender identified as potential crime-linked funds to the National Crime Agency.

28 November 2022

Singapore, US offer conflicting accounts on status of alleged North Korea sanctions evader

When the US State Department asked the public for information on Kwek Kee Seng, a Singaporean national accused of evading sanctions to provide oil to North Korea, the Singapore Police Force responded a couple of days later with good news: they know where he is and they have his passport.

09 November 2022

Five-year delay in Odebrecht-linked forfeiture proceedings violates due process, Peruvian couple says

Lawyers for a couple who prosecutors say laundered money for Odebrecht argue the long-standing seizure of a Florida bank account cost them at least $2 million.

01 November 2022

NCA freezing orders jeopardised in Petr Aven sanctions probe

Sanctioned Russian oligarch Petr Aven has been barred from accessing funds in two corporate bank accounts while a magistrates’ court considers whether the NCA still has reasonable grounds for freezing them.

19 October 2022

Lawyers uncertain how DOJ corporate enforcement policy update will play out

“Is the language of the policy directionally helpful? Absolutely,” said one practitioner of the Deputy Attorney General’s recent policy announcement. “But ultimately, the core question is: ‘what does the policy mean in practice?’”

05 October 2022

US to send Nigeria over $23 million stolen by former dictator

The US has now sent Nigeria nearly $335 million in recovered funds stolen by former dictator Sanachi Abacha through corruption and money laundering schemes, the DOJ said in a release.

24 August 2022

Think tank: UK could outsource civil forfeiture to law firms

19 August 2022

Switzerland to return stolen Uzbekistan assets via UN development fund

The Swiss and Uzbek governments have reached an agreement to return at least $131 million that was allegedly embezzled from Uzbekistan by the daughter of the country’s former president.

16 August 2022

US obtains warrant for oligarch’s $90 million Airbus

A US federal judge has signed off on a request to seize a $90 million aeroplane owned by sanctioned Russian oligarch Andrei Skoch.

12 August 2022

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