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Ex-Goldman Sachs banker to forfeit $35 million for 1MDB scheme

Roger Ng will have to forfeit the value of kickbacks he received for his role in the 1MDB scheme in addition to a 10-year prison sentence.

27 March 2023

Judge rules court must request forfeiture from ex-Goldman banker in 1MDB case

Roger Ng, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in the corruption scheme, argues he has already forfeited enough money to the government of Malaysia.

16 March 2023

Ex-Goldman Sachs Banker gets 10 years for 1MDB bribery

A Brooklyn judge ruled that Roger Ng is set to serve 10 years for his involvement in the 1MDB bribery scheme, but has not yet decided whether he will also face forfeiture.

09 March 2023

DOJ: ex-Goldman banker should get 15 years in prison for “instrumental” 1MDB role

Federal prosecutors said that granting Roger Ng’s request for time served would amount to a sentence that is 98% below the federal guidelines for his crimes.

07 March 2023

Convicted ex-Goldman Sachs banker seeks to avoid further prison time in 1MDB case

Roger Ng’s lawyers say the former banker has suffered enough from harsh incarceration before his trial and from years of house arrest away from his family in Malaysia.

27 February 2023

Hawaii woman gets two-year sentence for secretly lobbying Trump in 1MDB scheme

A Hawaiian businesswoman was sentenced to two years in prison, fined $250,000, and ordered to forfeit $3 million for participating in a far-reaching, international scheme to embezzle money from a Malaysian development fund – otherwise known as the 1MDB scandal.

19 January 2023

Hawaiian businesswoman denies PRC ties

Nickie Lum Davis asked a Hawaii federal judge to sentence her to probation for her alleged participation in a 1MDB-related lobbying scheme so she could take care of her daughter.

11 January 2023

GIR’s top stories of 2022

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18 December 2022

Judge denies Hawaiian political fundraiser’s request to withdraw guilty plea

Nickie Lum Davis’ previous lawyer says she wanted to pursue a presidential pardon for her involvement in the 1MDB scandal.

12 December 2022

Ex-Goldman Sachs banker sues former boss for fraud

Former Goldman Sachs banker Roger Ng sued his former boss, Timothy Leissner, accusing him of stealing money intended for investment opportunities in order to secure his bail and fund a lavish lifestyle.

14 November 2022

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