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Ex-DOJ employee dodges prison for assisting secret 1MDB lobbying campaign

A federal judge in Washington, DC handed George Higginbotham three months of probation after prosecutors asked for a sentence reduction. The former DOJ employee has been a key witness in the US’s probe into two secret foreign influence campaigns financed by China and the alleged architect of the 1MDB corruption scandal.

07 November 2023

US recommends probation for fired DOJ employee who assisted 1MDB influence campaign

Prosecutors said George Higginbotham should serve a reduced sentence in light of his “expansive” cooperation with the government’s investigation into two secret campaigns to lobby the Obama and Trump administrations.

30 October 2023

Court to hear evidence following Fugees rapper’s retrial request

An evidentiary hearing has been set for December to help the court determine whether Pras Michel, who was convicted for his role in the 1MDB scandal, should be granted a retrial.

25 October 2023

Fugees rapper asks for retrial in 1MDB case

Pras Michel’s new lawyers accuse the rapper's former counsel of using an untested artificial intelligence program in which they allegedly held an undisclosed financial stake to write the closing arguments in his trial, which ended with a conviction on all counts.

18 October 2023

Goldman Sachs launches arbitration against Malaysia over 1MDB resolution

12 October 2023

Roger Ng to return to Malaysia

The former Goldman Sachs banker who is set to serve 10 years for his role in the globe-spanning looting of a Malaysian development fund will stand trial in his home country before serving his sentence in the US.

06 October 2023

DOJ seeks contempt charges against Fugees rapper’s ex-lawyers

Prosecutors accuse lawyers who defended Pras Michel at trial of violating a court protective order by sharing sensitive government documents with reporters in a bid to influence the jury pool. Michel has since ditched the lawyers for new representation.

28 September 2023

Malaysia seeks return of convicted former Goldman Sachs banker

Roger Ng was set to surrender to the Bureau of Prisons for 10 years on 6 September but will wait another month while the US and Malaysia work out terms on which to return him to his home country where he still faces criminal charges.

06 September 2023

Singapore regulator bans Roger Ng for life

05 September 2023

FCPA Docket: Fugees rapper hires top law firm

Fugees rapper Pras Michel hired a Washington, DC law firm to represent him following his conviction last spring; the DOJ said an adoption provider can pay for foreign officials to travel to the US; a witness in a trial of former Malaysia prime minister Najib Razak detailed how he got paid in the 1MDB scandal.

31 August 2023

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