Topic: Tax evasion

Dubai police arrest British cum-ex suspect

The recent signing of an extradition treaty between Denmark and the UAE has paved the way for Dubai authorities to apprehend businessman Sanjay Shah on an international arrest warrant.

06 June 2022

German tax office asks Investec questions of cum-ex scandal involvement

20 May 2022

Son of Panama Papers “posterchild” gets early release from probation

18 May 2022

Germany increases scrutiny on foreign banks with suspected ties to cum-ex trades

German prosecutors have recently searched Barclays, Merrill Lynch and auditor EY as part of the country’s investigation into the multi-billion-euro cum-ex scandal.

01 April 2022

UK greenlights Economic Crime Bill

The UK government has added a number of amendments to its new economic crime legislation, including awarding the government new powers to fast-track individuals and companies onto its sanctions list.

15 March 2022

UK proposes laws to strengthen economic crime enforcement

The raft of proposed legislative changes includes giving the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) greater teeth by introducing strict liability for sanctions offences.

01 March 2022

Tax lawyer extradited to Germany to face cum-ex charges

Swiss authorities have delivered a veteran tax adviser to Germany after Switzerland’s highest court rejected his final appeal against the extradition proceedings.

24 February 2022

Credit Suisse leak reveals alleged failures to stamp out high-risk clients

A major data leak from Credit Suisse has exposed the bank as safe haven for clients involved in corruption, bribery, money laundering and other serious crimes, according to an investigation by media outlets across the globe.

21 February 2022

IRS looks to recruit 200 new lawyers to work on tax abuse matters

24 January 2022

Ex-banker takes Credit Suisse settlement challenge to appeals court

14 January 2022

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