Christine E Neal

Christine E Neal is a senior counsel in the SEC’s FCPA unit. She is based in the regulator’s Washington, DC, headquarters.

Neal has twenty years of experience in the SEC’s enforcement division, where she has led and managed investigations into financial fraud, insider trading, market manipulation and the FCPA, according to an online biography.

Neal was on a team that investigated two American tobacco companies, Universal Corporation and Alliance One International, for FCPA violations. The companies paid more than US$5 million in bribes to officials in Thailand and a number of other countries, the SEC’s probe found.

To settle the commission’s charges, Universal agreed to pay US$4.5 million in disgorgement, while Alliance One agreed to pay US$10 million in disgorgement. Both companies paid criminal fines of US$4.4 million and US$9.45 million, respectively, as part of a parallel settlement with the US Department of Justice.

Outside of the FCPA unit, Neal has been involved in a number of investigations, including one that led to a 2009 enforcement action against New York City-based Spongetech Delivery Systems.

According to the SEC’s findings at the time, senior executives at Spongetech engaged in a so-called “pump-and-dump” scheme by exaggerating sales figures with bogus press releases and fraudulent SEC filings to drive up demand for the company’s stock, while simultaneously selling billions of shares in unregistered and illegal transactions.

Neal received her law degree from the University of Michigan Law School and her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University.

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