Shearman & Sterling

Shearman’s Washington practice has a sterling reputation, in no small part thanks to veteran defense attorney Philip Urofsky.

A former assistant chief in the DOJ’s criminal fraud section for FCPA investigations, Urofsky has also been the US delegate to the OECD on anti-corruption matters and helped draft the Holder Memo on the principles of corporate prosecution. 

While in private practice, Urofsky has represented clients involved in the United Nations oil-for-food investigations, as well as numerous non-public corporate investigations. Urofsky also advised several banks seeking to resolve potential criminal liability through the DOJ’s Swiss bank programme. All three of his clients reached resolutions with the government in late 2015.

Former SEC lawyer Claudius Sokenu splits his time between Washington and New York. Sokenu conducted the bribery investigation into cosmetics manufacturer Avon Products before joining Shearman. Avon settled the FCPA case with the DOJ and SEC in 2014 for a combined US$135 million, after spending over US$340 million investigating the matter. Sokenu is currently advising an executive at Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer who is facing bribery charges in Brazil following an FCPA investigation by US authorities. Just Anti-Corruption also reported in 2014 that Sokenu is among the attorneys advising UK pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline on a globe-spanning internal foreign bribery investigation.

Mark Lanpher is another former SEC attorney in Shearman’s DC office; he represents clients in both corruption and securities fraud-related matters.

The firm is advising Chilean mining company Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile (SQM) on a bribery internal investigation.

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