Gary Peters

Gary James Peters was a trial in the criminal fraud section's Foreign Corrupt Practices Act after he joined in 2017.

A longtime prosecutor, Peters had been working in the Fraud Section for a number of years but spent much of that time on detail with other areas of the US Department of Justice.

Of those detail assignments, Peters worked at the criminal division's office of enforcement operations, which reviews wiretaps and other details of investigations. He also worked at the pardon attorney's office reviewing pardon applications when President Barack Obama was making a push in that area.

Peters earned his JD from the University of Michigan Law School in 1980 before he gained prosecutorial experience with the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York.

He's spent time outside the DOJ, too, developing plenty of experience in foreign policy and diplomacy - an important area of FCPA enforcement. Main Justice leads all foreign bribery enforcement actions because by their nature they involve foreign governments, and could have repercussions for US diplomacy.

Peters has served as acting director of the Treasury's office of technical assistance law enforcement team, director of international financial affairs at the US National Security Council's office of combating terrorism, a senior policy adviser for the State Department and Department of Homeland Security, and as the US rule of law coordinator in Kabul, Afghanistan for three years.

Peters' recall to the Fraud Section may have been a result of departed fraud section chief Andrew Weissmann's dislike of paying for prosecutors working for other teams.

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