FCPA Counsel Tracker

FCPA Counsel Tracker

Published: 21 February 2022

We present four datasets with accompanying analysis to give you an idea of who's getting the FCPA work.

We list the main advisors on every resolved case since Siemens in 2008 – a watershed moment in foreign bribery enforcement, and the case widely credited with kick starting the FCPA industry in earnest. Our list of monitorships since 2004 shows who's being entrusted by the US government with ensuring companies reform themselves after settling FCPA cases. We have sifted through years of public records and reports to list FCPA declinations from the DOJ since 2010 – in most cases with the counsel attached. In our table of counsel for live corruption investigations, we keep track of who’s advising whom, according to publicly available sources.

We welcome any feedback. If you have information that may help us build these datasets, please get in touch.

FCPA settlements

DOJ declinations

FCPA monitorships

Current investigations

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