Topic: Surveillance

UK NCA: Bribery and corruption risk to rise

In a new report, the agency has warned that criminals are using encrypted messaging services to thwart its investigations, that fintech banks are popular among money launderers, and that the pandemic and Brexit may lead to increased corruption risks for UK companies.

25 May 2021

French central bank fines retail lender for AML breaches

14 May 2021

DOJ defends move to highlight Wirecard connection at bank fraud trial

13 May 2021

Indonesian corruption investigators retain wiretap powers

05 May 2021

Sweden charges individual over alleged Volvo espionage

24 February 2021

Danish financial intelligence unit receives record number of suspicious reports in 2020

18 February 2021

Alleged Ghosn escape accomplices face imminent extradition

12 February 2021

US prosecutors target China-bound oil shipment

Federal prosecutors in Washington, DC, are attempting to seize a shipment of crude oil allegedly being transported to China at the direction of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

03 February 2021

Tencent fires over 100 staff over corruption

03 February 2021

ENRC sues SFO and former case controller over alleged media leaks

The Kazakh mining company alleges that SFO officials broke statutory duties and internal policies by leaking confidential information about an ongoing corruption probe to the media with the aim of harming the company.

29 January 2021

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