Topic: Subpoena

FAA official called me a “scapegoat” for crashes, says former Boeing executive

A US aviation regulatory official said Boeing’s former chief technical pilot was being made a scapegoat for failures that led to two aircraft crashes, according to a recent court filing.

15 December 2021

SEC subpoenas GameStop in share trading investigation

Texas-based video games retailer GameStop, which saw its share price rise dramatically in early 2021, has received a subpoena from the US securities regulator as part of an investigation into its trading activity.

09 December 2021

Vale accuses New York property company of trying to hide Steinmetz links

03 December 2021

US pharmaceutical company faces SEC probe

The California-based Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation says it is under investigation by the US securities regulator – in addition to Manhattan federal prosecutors – over the sale of veterinary products.

23 November 2021

SEC demands VW identify executives in dieselgate litigation

18 November 2021

Dechert can withhold some documents in Iraq bribery case

The ruling comes after the firm was ordered to disclose over 400 documents connected to an alleged scheme where London property was used to bribe Iraqi officials.

16 November 2021

DOJ doesn’t oppose subpoenas in Autonomy criminal case

16 November 2021

Nikola expects to pay $125 million in SEC probe

Electric truck maker Nikola is close to resolving an SEC investigation in the wake of allegations that the company lied about the capabilities of its vehicles.

04 November 2021

Ex-Autonomy executive asks to subpoena UK financial analysts

01 November 2021

French lawyers ask president to amend legal advice privilege bill

“Clients just won’t have confidence in speaking to their attorney; the whole point of having an attorney-client relationship will just die,” said one white-collar lawyer.

26 October 2021

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