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    Glenn Ware, pillar of DC's anti-corruption community, dead at 56

    January 16, 2019, Just Anti-Corruption

    ... left the building one day with his AIG identification tags still on. The federal reserve had just bailed out the company with a controversial $85 billion loan, turning AIG into a public villain. At a restaurant urinal, "someone comes up, sees his tag, and slugs him in the face," communications executive Richard Levick recalled. Levick, who was working with Ware for AIG at the time, said his friend returned to the office sore but laughing. "He told the story with humou...Author: Mary Jacoby ...

    Defence contractor said it self-reported potential FCPA matter in 2016

    October 22, 2018, Just Anti-Corruption

    ... unrelated to Balad. Sallyport has engaged outside counsel and has cooperated, and continues to cooperate, with the DOJ's investigation, which also considers whether Sallyport's former management knew, or should have known, of the alleged promise of payments by Afaq to Iraqi government officials. The former management that negotiated and reviewed the Afaq MOU denies any such knowledge. At this point, we are unable to determine the likely outcome of the investigation. ...Author: Mary Jacoby ...

    FCPA Docket: Securities fraud unit trial attorneys promoted

    May 29, 2018, Just Anti-Corruption

    ... will be deported to Ecuador after he is released, and his family - who currently reside in the Miami area - will go with him. Escobar Dominguez is represented by solo practitioner Paul Petruzzi in Miami. The government has not yet indicated the length of any prison sentence it will seek. This story has been edited to reflect that Brian Kidd's promotion to acting chief of the securities fraud unit had been previously reported by GIR Just Anti-Corruption....Author: Mary Jacoby ...

    FCPA defendant may have legal conflict with Chinese energy conglomerate, US says

    May 01, 2018, Just Anti-Corruption

    ... voluntarily waives the potential conflict raised by the energy company - the interests of which may or may not be aligned with the interests of Ho." While Ho's defence counsel declined to give detail of any funding arrangements, they did not object to the request for a conflicts hearing, prosecutors said in a footnote. According to the federal complaint, Ho organised separate bribery schemes involving the presidents of Chad and Uganda intended to further th...Author: Mary Jacoby ...

    Former Aruban telecoms manager pleads guilty in bribery scheme

    April 13, 2018, Just Anti-Corruption

    ... 3; Parker's lawyer, solo practitioner Michael B. Cohen of Miami, did not respond to an email seeking comment. For the Department of Justice Trial attorneys Jonathan Robell and Vanessa Snyder of the of the criminal division fraud section and assistant US attorney Lois Foster-Steers of the Southern District of Florida Counsel for Koolman Federal public defender Bunmi Lomax Counsel for Parker Solo practitioner Michael B. Cohen of Miami  ...Author: Mary Jacoby ...

    Judge tells DOJ: "I'm extremely troubled by what the government has done"

    April 05, 2018, Just Anti-Corruption

    ... indictment might still exist under seal. By maintaining the charges under seal, the government can preserve the right to prosecute beyond the normal statute of limitations. Assistant US attorney John Pearson of the Southern District of Texas told Ellison that one reason to preserve indictments under seal is for "deterrent effect." "It is my understanding the Lebanon will not extradite its citizens back to the United States," Pearson said. "And so if t...Author: Mary Jacoby ...

    Walmart loses bid to seal certain records tied to internal investigation

    March 27, 2018, Just Anti-Corruption

    ... meet and confer with Walmart about its request as stipulated by a protective order. Counsel to Walmart and the plaintiffs did not respond to requests for comment. Counsel for Walmart Latham & Watkins Partners Peter Wald, Sean Berkowitz, Colleen Smith and Sarah Greenfield in San Francisco Counsel for PGERS Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd Jason Forge, Scott Saham, Debra Wyman, Laura Andracchio, Austin Brane, and Michael Albert in San Diego...Author: Mary Jacoby ...

    Boston judge throws out Bermuda's FCPA-related lawsuit against healthcare non-profit

    March 13, 2018, Just Anti-Corruption

    ... claimed its overall relationship with Lahey was tainted by bribes, many of the specific services it purchased were legitimate. The government thus failed to show how paying for medically necessary services was "inherently injurious to Bermuda", the judge wrote. "Such injury is insufficient to establish standing under RICO," she added. Talwani also dismissed Bermuda's state law claims without prejudice. "We are very pleased with the court's ruling," Lahe...Author: Mary Jacoby ...

    US agencies close FCPA probe of Houston power services company

    February 28, 2018, Just Anti-Corruption

    ... compliance with the FCPA and that they do not intend to recommend an enforcement action concerning our compliance with the FCPA. The DOJ has similarly informed us that it does not intend to proceed with any further investigation or enforcement. The SEC's investigation related to the circumstances giving rise to the restatement is continuing, and we are presently unable to predict the duration, scope or results or whether the SEC will commence any legal action. ...Author: Mary Jacoby ...

    Houston company seeks damages in alleged Venezuelan bribe scheme

    February 21, 2018, Just Anti-Corruption

    ... procurement subsidiary seeking $600 million in victim restitution from US-based businessmen Abraham Shiera Bastidas and Roberto Enrique Rincon Fernandez, who pleaded guilty in 2016 to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations for bribing officials at the Venezuelan state oil company. The subsidiary, Bariven, argued it should be compensated for losses caused by a five-year bribery scheme, but the US Department of Justice argued Bariven was complicit in the wrongdoing....Author: Mary Jacoby ...

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