Topic: Sanctions

US accuses Huawei of sharing restricted documents with CFO

Chinese telecoms company Huawei has been ordered to respond to allegations it improperly shared documents from a New York sanctions case with its CFO Meng Wanzhou in an effort to help her win an extradition battle in Canada.

16 April 2021

US sanctions enforcer granting significant fine discounts

The US Treasury Department has reduced the potential penalties for companies that violate sanctions by approximately $500 million over the past three years.

16 April 2021

GIR’s In-House Investigator Series: Max Lerner at State Street

Featured in In-house

Max Lerner, who leads US bank State Street’s global sanctions and anti-bribery compliance efforts, tells GIR about the evolution of the sanctions compliance team, what keeps him up at night and the potential development that could significantly change his role.

16 April 2021

Florida businessman challenges sentence in Venezuela sanctions case

Private jet company owner Victor Mones Coro will contest a 55-month prison sentence that he received after pleading guilty to making unlawful transactions under the Kingpin Act.

14 April 2021

Halkbank attempts to throw out sanctions case at Second Circuit

13 April 2021

HSBC agrees to hand over documents to Huawei in Hong Kong

12 April 2021

CPS pushes for economic crime court in new strategy

Other objectives in the strategy include making better use of technology to improve the prosecution of financial crime and a renewed commitment to recover the proceeds of crime where possible.

31 March 2021

Russian company pleads guilty to export violations

31 March 2021

OFAC fines Italian heating company for egregious Iran sanctions breaches

Nordgas for several years used code words for Iran in its correspondence with a US company it bought air pressure switches from to hide the ultimate destination of the goods, the agency said.

29 March 2021

Italian oil services company in US plea agreement talks over sanctions evasion charges

29 March 2021

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